Seeking Danish Delicacies in the Hinterland and Taste Sensations everywhere else

Flag of Denmark

The Danish Canuck is going to Denmark!

Denmark, here I come!

So I’m off to Denmark to be with my people and eat some brilliant Danish Food!

There’ll be hygge, singing and possibly dancing.

I now have a reason to get the Danish Canuck blog up and running.  So stay tuned.

I’ve scheduled a few delicious pit stops along the way.

The Food

In and around Vejle, there are a number of hipsters joints that I’ll check out.  What I’m really looking forward to is eating some good, old-school høj smørrebrød. (That’s open faced sandwiches, piled high with luscious ingredients and eaten with a knife and fork).

In Copenhagen, I plan to eat at the same restaurant Hans Christian Andersen ate at, 200 years ago. The restaurant is still there!

The Fun

Of course there will be non-food fun:  Statues in Esbjerg, old town Ribe, Graceland in Randers.

So keep your snaps on the ice and stay tuned.  Skål!

Odense old town, Denmark

Houses in the old town of Odense, Denmark



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