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Hedensted og Julesminde


Hedensted is a quite little town just east of Vejle.  It’s small but has an excellent baker, Byen’s Bager, several well stocked grocery stores and a fish monger who comes Tuesdays and Thursdays.  It also boasts a very good ladies and mens clothing store, and lovely church and a good pizza joint.



Julesminde is a summer town, not unlike Penticton or Sechelt, where tourists and Danes alike book time to spend at the beach.  I was there pre-season and it was very quiet but still a beautiful place to visit.



A short drive away is the Palsgaard.  Part of the property is taken by a company that makes food additives while the other part is an open air venue where plays and music are presented.  I believe it was originally a manor house farm.  The surroundings are beautiful.  On evenings where there is a performance, people bring dinner, lay it out on the lawn, open a bottle of wine, and enjoy an evening of entertainment.

The day I visited, the daffodils were blooming under the beech trees, while dozens of birds sang in the trees.  Pictures just don’t do the scene justice.

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