Seeking Danish Delicacies in the Hinterland and Taste Sensations everywhere else

Flag of Denmark

The Trip

The Trip Over


We all have our baggage



So in the line to check our baggage there were 2 guys in front of me.  Something about them reminded me of my great uncle Aage.

The older fellow – 40 ish – was portly, wearing bob the builder suspenders in bright yellow with tool imprints on it.  The younger was tall, gangly, wearing sweat pants, with a bit of a ‘deer in the headlights’ look to him’.

It was clear they weren’t sure what was going on.  I detected a little bit of a Scandihoovian vibe in their language so, taking a chance, I asked them in Danish if they knew what was going on.  The young guy smiled and was genuinely happy that someone was communicating in a language he could understand.  Turns out the 2 were from Norway, way up north, from a fishing town.  The dad had been to school in Canada in the 70’s and loved the fishing so had brought his son back to see BC.  He was impressed with the shopping.


Scandinavians and Food

Later, as I ate a very anemic salad in the milestones – honestly, I haven’t seen lettuce that pale since the 70’s – the older Norske man came over and began chatting to me.  Now, my Norwegian is almost non-existent but when you add in a local dialect, I’m down right stupid.  He had no problem understanding my Danish, which was good.

So, you may ask, what do 2 Scandinavians talk about when they encounter each other on the far side of the world.  Scandinavian food, of course – and how much we miss it.  He had tried baking or cooking something but he said the ingredients were crap…  He said, “You can find all sorts of exotic ingredients but good ingredients were hard to find.”  “Welcome to my world,” I said.  He was looking forward to getting back to Norway for some Godt Norske mad. (or as it sounded goat norske mot).  I told him I was going back to DK for a family party.  He smiled, “Ah, rigtig god Dansk mad (riktig goat donske mot).  We understood each other.

Flight Crew

My flight crew

Air Line Food

Whenever I catch a plan off the damp coast, the food is crap.  No way around it.  So, in the age old tradition of whining about airline food, here is my contribution:

To start, I had a sweet and sour something with mystery meat and rice.  The other choice was pasta and tomato sauce.  (Face palm).

Then came and egg something with mystery meat and what used to be spinach.  I can only assume it was an attempt at Florentine omelet.

Then came 2 thin slices of bread, with pressed meat and a sad attempt at coleslaw.

Man, I was looking forward to getting to my Uncle’s for some real nosh.

Other than that, the flights were good.


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