Seeking Danish Delicacies in the Hinterland

park bench

10 August 2017
by Sharole
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Alberta Day 2 – Danes go West

Go west, life is peaceful there

Go west, lots of open air

Go west, to begin life new

Go west, this is what we’ll do

The Village People, Go West

Danes go West

The Danish Government bought a whole lotta land on the Canadian Prairies and lots of Danes went West.  Today we were going to find where some of them landed. Continue Reading →

Alberta Flag

20 July 2017
by Sharole
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Alberta Bound – The Danish Canuck goes ‘West’

Alberta Bound, it’s good to be Alberta bound.

Gordon Lightfoot

Pterodactyls sculpture

A pterodactyl greeting at the Calgary Airport

A trip to the Past

When junior was little, we went on a dinosaur adventure to Alberta.  Dinosaurs were his world and he was sooooo excited to see the real things.

Unfortunately the Royal Tyrell Museum had some dark areas and the poor little guy was too scared to enjoy them.  So I vowed we’d go back when he was older.

Ten years later, I decided that for his graduation present I was taking my little boy back to Alberta to re-live the dinosaur adventure. Continue Reading →

14 June 2016
by Sharole
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Der er en Yndigt Land

Der er et yndigt land,

det står med brede bøge

nær salten østerstrand

Det bugter sig i bakke, dal,

det hedder gamle Danmark og

det er Frejas sal

Danish National Anthem

This Danish national anthem, There is a Lovely Country, describes a beautiful country, surrounded by sea, with tall beech trees reaching towards a clear, clear blue sky, land of Vikings.   Continue Reading →

Aalborg Akvavit Tanks

13 June 2016
by Sharole
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Aalborg has always been, to me, the place where akvavit comes from.  I never really had a reason to visit the city until my cousin moved up there.  My loss, obviously.

It is a beautiful city with a lovely fjord.  The few times I’ve been there, I have found it is a unique and interesting place, full of surprises and more than just akvavit.  Although I understand now that the Norwegians have bought Aalborg Akvavit Sprit Fabrik and have moved the whole thing to Norway.  Pity that but at least it’s owned by Scandinavians. Continue Reading →

Kro Platter, Bakken, Copenhagen

8 June 2016
by Sharole
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Danish Food – Roundup

Food, Glorious Food,

What else is there to live for?

Oliver Twist

Danish Food

When I went to Denmark, I had a list of all the food I was looking forward to eating.  Foods that are simply not readily available on the damp coast where I live.  It was a novelty to go into any store and simply pick up the items from the cooler or counter.  What a joy.

So, here’s how my food sampling wish list panned out.

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