Seeking Danish Delicacies in the Hinterland and Taste Sensations everywhere else

And the Salamis were THIS big

31 August 2018
by Sharole
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Bologna the Fat


I know there are many facets to Bologna, but my main desire to go there was to eat.  I found Bologna to be dirty, gritty and covered in graffiti.  It’s the only city that I felt a bit unsafe in.  Had to put on my New York face and look like I knew where I was going so no one harassed me.  I spent one evening in a laundromat – kinda funny storyContinue Reading →

Statue of Juliet

28 August 2018
by Sharole
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Verona, City of Love

“There is no life without Verona walls!”


Verona the Green

Verona is best known as the setting for Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet which is unfortunate because it is historical and beautiful.  Yes, the tourists are discovering it and if you want to see Juliet’s balcony, get their early.  Otherwise the rest of the city seems to flow beautifully. Continue Reading →

Plaque to Andrea Palladio

28 August 2018
by Sharole
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Vicenza, Architectural Gem

Vicenza is a city off the beaten tourist path.  Because of this, its charm and uniqueness are intact and very accessible.  You don’t need to fight hordes of people in its piazzas or restaurants.  Rivers run through the city and the balconies flow with beautiful hanging plants. Continue Reading →

5 July 2018
by Sharole
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Canada Day in Trieste

It seems appropriate to spend Canada Day in a port town.  Being from Vancouver, I’m used to seeing the ocean and feeling the breeze off the water.  Honestly I didn’t remember it was Canada Day until Agent R mentioned it.  Canada seems a world away.

Trieste – A city on the Edge

Trieste is slightly different than Vancouver.  It has been on the edge of empires for centuries and because of this really feels like an outpost.  The place is tough and gritty.  Where Vienna is a person of refinement who boxes at the club, Trieste is less polished and a street fighter.  Continue Reading →