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AFOL – Adult Fan of LEGO

Who Doesn’t Love LEGO???

At Christmas time I do have a tendency to gently prod my nieces out of the way so I can build their LEGO kits, but – come on – it’s just so FUN!

My theory is you build the set once according to the instructions then rebuild it your own way.  Then, after a while, you rebuild it as per instructions again.

BrickCan Richmond  2016

It’s the FIRST BrickCan in the lower mainland and it’s SOLD OUT.  Robin Sather, an official LEGO builder will be there.  I’ll be there with my mini figures to trade!  See you there.



Brick Con Seattle 2013

LEGO Kermit

Kermit the Frog built out of LEGO, BrickCon Seattle 2013

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