Seeking Danish Delicacies in the Hinterland and Taste Sensations everywhere else

About the Danish Canuck

What is a Danish Canuck?

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The Danish Canuck – Finding Good Danish Food in the Culinary Hinterland.

Why do I say that I live in the culinary hinterland?  It’s nearly impossible for me to walk into a grocery store on the Damp Coast and buy any type of Danish food specialty.

When the IKEA in your neighbourhood stop selling Swedish specialty foods then you know you’re in the culinary hinterland!

In the 1970’s, it was almost impossible to get any ready made Danish delicacies and therefore we made most of them at home.  During the 1980’s, it seemed that our town had matured and availability got better.  You could go to about 6 – 8 places to pick up Danish goodies. Now, in 2017, with the only Danish butcher retired and the only second generation baker phoning in his performance, we’re back to making most of it ourselves. There are 2, maybe 3, stores where I can get anything remotely Danish.

So, I thought I’d share my experiences, recipes and help other Danish Canucks, (and those who just love Danish food), regain their culinary heritage.

Adventure and Food Abroad

Very occasionally, I get a chance to travel and enjoy the culinary delights of another place.  I love savouring beautiful food prepared with care, no matter where I am.  So when I travel, I look for the local delights, and sometimes find some Danish food along the way.  Those Danes turn up everywhere!

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