Seeking Danish Delicacies in the Hinterland and Taste Sensations everywhere else

Kro Platter, Bakken, Copenhagen
Kro Platter, Bakken, Copenhagen

Danish Food – Roundup

Food, Glorious Food,

What else is there to live for?

Oliver Twist

Danish Food

When I went to Denmark, I had a list of all the food I was looking forward to eating.  Foods that are simply not readily available on the damp coast where I live.  It was a novelty to go into any store and simply pick up the items from the cooler or counter.  What a joy.

So, here’s how my food sampling wish list panned out.


In a world where you could just pick up a package of frikadeller (Danish pork meat balls) at any grocery store, I was able to get my fill.  Go to the delicatessen and fresh made frikadeller and fiskedeller were still warm and ready to eat.  NUM!  Whenever I was out and about and needed a quick snack, I could easily find either version of frikadellers at any store, anytime.  (sigh)


Package of ready made Frikadeller


It would appear that the old school Danish pølser vogn is on the endangered species list, I was still able to find a few stalwarts.

The classic hot dog stand menu hasn’t changed much over the years.  There is the addition of chicken kebab on fries and curry haps (curried hot dogs on fries), but everything else remains the same:  hot dog, hot dog in bacon, medister pølse, frikadeller sandwich, fish sandwich, burger.  Even the condiments haven’t changed.  But why would they when they are great to begin with?

I had to make do with what they call a French hot dog – a long European wiener stuffed into a hollowed out baguette with stuff in it – for the first week until I could find the real deal.

Over the course of the trip, I managed to eat a several long time hot dog stands in Vejle:  Karin’s Pølserbod, Nørremarken pølser hus, Vesterbrogade pølser hus.  Plus I managed to find good ol’ hot dogs in a few other places I came to.   So I managed to satisfy that mission.

Ice Cream in a Waffle Cone

An old fashioned ice cream in a waffle cone with guf and jam.   I found several options such as  Lagkage Huset in Vejle, Frellsens (various locations), Julesminde Is bar, plus a few others.  The best ice cream I had was at Robert’s Is Bar in Vejle.  He makes his own waffle cones, ice cream (I recommend the strawberry), and guf, which is the best I’ve ever tasted.

What I noticed was that the jam was often left off the guf.  Guf is a delicious, soft marshmallow type cream that tastes slightly of raspberry.  But on the other hand, I always was able to get a fløde bolle on the cone.  Unfortunately I didn’t seem to get any pictures.  Sorry.

Ice Cream with Guf

Ice Cream with Guf, Julseminde – But where’s the jam!?!?!


This was the most difficult mission.  Unless I was at someone’s home enjoying the big ‘kold bord’, options for enjoying smørrebrød in a restaurant were pretty limited.

None the less, I did get to have a stellar Stjerneskud – shooting star – in Aalborg and a new hipster fiskedeller sandwich in Vejle.

Luckily the people I visited in Denmark also enjoy a good open faced sandwich feast so I didn’t suffer too much.  Herring, leverpostej, rejer and all good things were certainly available in abundance.  Mange tak!

Fløde Boller

I was pleasantly surprised at the rennaissance of the fløde bolle that has overtaken Denmark.  As I mentioned, in the old days, they were good, but the marshmallow guf was quite sweet and it was mounded on a crisp wafer covered in Chocolate.

Well, did I try some really good fløde boller.  The latest flavour craze was licorice.  I waited until my last day to try this since the thought of licorice and chocolate just didn’t seem to go together.  I was sooooo wrong.  Completely delicious.  (Again, could have sworn I took a picture but no!)  The other flavours were raspberry guf and an interested once filled with caramel.

At Summerbird Chocolates, the boller are about 1/4 of the size that everyone else has.  Having said that, the passion fruit guf covered in a delicate caramel coating was out of this world.

Definitely hit the jackpot on fløde bolle front.

The Bonus Marks

I should mention there were a few extra nice food items that I got to try.

My friend, Helle, made a wonderful Danish layer cake with fresh fruit and whip cream.  So yummy.

Back to ……?

And that’s it for this time.  Now back to the damp coast and another dry spell until I visit the Land of the Vikings again.

Here’s the last rundstykke I had in Billund aeroport before heading out.  Proof that good aeroport food is possible.

Last rundstykke in Billund Aeroport

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