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Memphis Mansion
Memphis Mansion


Graceland, Graceland,
I’m goin’ to Graceland – DK

Memphis, Denmark

When I was looking for unusual places to go in Denmark, I came across Graceland, Denmark.  An Elvis mad Dane had built a replica of Elvis’ Memphis home in my dad’s home town.

Coincidence?  I think not! So, naturally, I had to go.

Finally made it to Graceland

We were heading north to visit family and realised we had just enough time to stop and check it out.  Sis and I both agreed that this is likely as close as we’ll ever get to seeing the real thing.

The Name Game

Henrik Knudsen built the mansion and a replica of Elvis’ first home on a lovely piece of property in Randers.  It was originally called Graceland but when ‘Cilla and Elvis Presley, Inc. got wind of it, they demanded he change the name.  So now it’s called the Memphis Mansion, Randers.

So cool!

As soon as you enter through the gates, Elvis is singing.  There are speakers all over the place.

When you enter the house, there’s a gift shop on the left, Diner 51 on the right and the museum is straight ahead up and down the stairs.  The gift shop has just about every recording of any live performance Elvis did during his lifetime.  His 1970 Aloha from Hawaii jumpsuit was available in pajamas.  There were Elvis bed sheets, mints, pens, hair cream – well, you get the picture.

Totally awesome!

Thank ya, Henrik, ah, thank ya very much!

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